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Basics[edit | edit source]

Basic Rates 75x Base Experience

75x Job Experience 50x Drop Rate

Max Levels 170 Base

90 Job

Max Stats 150 for All Jobs including Baby Classes Max ASPD 193
Instant Cast 190 Dex Primary Town Old Payon

Mechanics, Items and Skill Changes[edit | edit source]

General Features[edit | edit source]

Pre-Renewal Balanced classes for the ultimate gameplay.
Proxy Support We love all peoples here at EssenceRO, so we have dedicated proxies all over the world to help make connecting to EssenceRO easier.
Battlegrounds 3.0 Take the grind out of RO by gearing up and even earning experience by playing over ten unique Battlegrounds games. With specialized tiers, you can only play with those within your own level range. To view more information about our Battlegrounds system, please click here!
Enhanced War of Emperium We love to fight! War of Emperium is a 30 minute game offered multiple times a week and caters to multiple time zones. Each Wednesday we have "Vanilla WoE", which is just for 2nd classses and 2nd class gear only! For more information about our War of Emperium & our War of Emperium participation & castle rewards,click here!
Enhanced Support Classes We've taken the not-so-loved supports and given them a refresh on some of their abilities. Mind-Breaker & Provoke can be casted on allies. Soul Linkers are are finally functional in a PvP setting with the ability to cast skills on enemies. Whitesmiths and Lord Knights have extra boosts, all classes are finally viable!
Guild Cap Adjustment All of our guilds are capped at 32 players with alliances turned off for the ultimate competitive atmosphere.
MVP Card Point System Each player is allowed to equip up to 5 points worth of MVP cards. Each MVP card weighs differently depending on their effects. To learn more about this, please visit this link.
NO Broken Donations While it does cost money to keep the server up and running, this is purely a love-child of a nostalgic Ragnarok Online player. However, we do accept donations and anything that is donated for is purely asthetic.

Game Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Renewal Interface Latest client, skills and game mechanics from kRO in a Pre-Renewal Setting.
Gepard Protected Keeping the bots away so the gamers can play! We've invested in the latest Gepard shield to keep our server and its players secure and safe from prying eyes.
Skill Reworking Numerous underused skills improved to usability and build versatility.
Perfect Dodge Enhancements Perfect Dodge affects all Physical damage (including skills), capped at 40 PD.
Scaled Status Resistance Stat-based status immunity requirement scaled up to reflect rates. (i.e. 150 VIT is immune to most status)
MDEF Based Resistance Capped at 97 for full immunity.
Status Duration Increase Base duration for status effects scaled up.
Base Cast Times 5/6 Normal To reflect increased requirements for instant cast.
Ranged Resistance Now reduces magic damage at 1/2 efficiency while retaining 100% efficiency on ranged physical/misc.

Other EssenceRO Exclusives[edit | edit source]

Monthly Super WoE Super WoE is a montly all-out War of Emperium game where we invite everyone from all kinds of servers to join us for a few hours. Gear up for free via NPCS, change your classes and participate in WoE on a scale you could have never imagined! More info can be found here!
Weekly GM Hosted PvP Events Every week we host a "Best of your Class" PvP event for various prizes. At the end of every month we host a tournament, thats your chance to earn cash prizes!
Modified Golden Thief Bug Card & Enhanced lame MVP cards We've modified the Golden Thief Bug Card to grant 90% MDEF as opposed to 100%. We've also buffed some lame cards, including Doppelganger, Dracula, Pharoah and Mistress.
PVMVP All of our MVP enabled maps are set to PVP. Want to try and grab an MVP card? You'd better fight for it!
Customized Abracadabra Table Who needs BB's when you have a professor who can just spawn MVP's for you. We've finally made this skill viable to use.
Whitesmith Enhancements We love whitesmiths, so we've altered Weapon refine to be as simple as Item Refine. Enjoy refining your armor folks! With a 10% higher success rate than Hollogren at job level 70. Along with that, we've increased cart storage to 10k, and given Tomahawk a slot.
Gunslinger Enhancements Let's face it, Ragnarok hates Gunslingers. We've enhanced them by buffing their damage outputs and increasing their range slightly. Enjoy custom bullets and bullet casings for on-the-go carnage.
Lord Knight Enhancements Lord Knights are now squishy powerhouses. They have slightly more HP than their Paladin counterparts, but with boosted damage to go along with their lack of defense.
Ygg Seeds & Berries Disabled in WoE & BG Sorry folks, no yggs for you! You can use them in PVP, however, there is an animation that lets everyone know you're cheating.
Skill Restrictions in WoE We've removed Loki's Veil, & High Jump in War of Emperium
Improved Pet System Capture over 100 custom pets with special bonuses exclusive to EssenceRO. Become the Pokemaster you've always dreamed of!

Item Basics[edit | edit source]

  • Equipment that was only equippable by trans classes, can be now equipped by all but novice.
  • Skull Ring, Silver Ring, Golden Ring and Flower Ring are stackable ETC items.
  • The drop rate of zeny farming items (like Witherless Rose, Frozen Rose, Diamond Ring etc) has been reduced considerably.
  • Valkyrie Armor/Manteau/Shoes' Archer/Mage/Acolyte effects extend to Soul Linker and Ninja and Swordsman/Thief/Merchant effects extend to TK/SG/Gunslinger.
  • MVP Cards CANNOT be stacked to multiply their effectiveness (ie. Stacking 2 Bacsojin cards will yield no additional effect)
  • Exclusive WoE & BG Items to be purchased using BG Badges

Skills[edit | edit source]

For an extensive breakdown by class of all of the skills we've edited, please visit the our Class Changes page!

NPCs and Services they provide[edit | edit source]

All the following NPCs are available in the main town Old Payon for your convenience.

Main Functions[edit | edit source]

  • Essence Kafra - What a Kafra does + Repair, Refine, Remove Cards, Preview Headgears and change Settings. You also get eRo Kafra Points for using this NPC. Once you reach 500, you will get a random *Kafra related headgear.
  • Heal Doge - One click healer/debuff remover.
  • Buffaho - Buffs you for 6k/Free for VIP.
  • Warpra - Warps you to Towns, Dungeons, Fields and Instance entrances. You can also type the map you want to go to (some maps are excluded from this feature).
  • Merchant Marketplace - Pretty much every officially purchasable item is available from one of these NPCs: Chemist and Smith, Armor, Magical Weapons and Instruments, Physical Weapons, Wedding Goods, 3rd Class Shop, Pet Shop Girl, Fruits n' Veggies, Chef's Assistant, and MORE. -- A full breakdown of the Marketplace can be found here.

Jobs and Style[edit | edit source]

  • Job Changer - baby job change included
  • Universal Rental NPC
  • Reset Girl
  • Stylist
  • Dress Maker - Change your look (Minimum: Trans Class) to 3rd Job, jRO 3rd Job & Chibi Characters.
  • Costume Trunk - Convert a headgear you own into a costume. With Costume Tickets you can purchase a headgear by entering its ID. Some headgears might be blacklisted and costume garments and hats that use effects don't work with this. There's a small chance that the Costume Trunk won't consume the Costume Ticket.
  • Headgear Colorist
  • Hat Exchange - Exchanges EssenceRO Headgear Tokens for various headgears. Also Accepts Costume Tickets and VIP Costume Tickets in exchange for costume garments, headgears with effects and multi slot costumes.

Events and Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

  • Battlegrounds 3.0 - Warps you to battlegrounds.
  • KoTC Warper - GvG Minigame. Capture the Emperium and defend it. If you win, you get to spawn a treasure chest that contains some goodies and your guild will receive a random bonus during WoE. KoTC is active at 7 AM/3 PM/9 PM server time and lasts 30 minutes.
  • Disguise Girl - Disguises you to a monster or npc inside Centralia for 50k. This feature is free if you are VIP.
  • Survival Arena - Minigame that starts at Mon/Wed/Fri 4 AM and 10 AM server time | Tue/Thu/Sat 4 PM and 10 PM server time | Sun 4 AM and 10 PM server time.
  • World Boss Shop - Every 3-6 hours a World Boss spawns that drops World Tokens to all who participate + some extra for whoever kills it. Exchange these tokens at this NPC.

Donor Shop Items[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon

Custom Items[edit | edit source]

  • Headgear Index - All our custom quests and drops for both custom and non custom headgears can be found here.
  • World Token - World Bosses, strong custom MVPs, drop these tokens. Take them to the World Boss Shop in El Dicastes 231, 250 (Merchant NPC area).
  • EssenceRO Hat Token - Exchange these for various hats at the Headgear Exchange NPC located in El Dicastes 193, 238.
  • Costume Ticket - Buy costume items from Mad Hatter (need item ID) or Headgear Exchange NPC.
  • Super Novice Accessories
  • Lucky Badge - Boosts the gain of tokens/coins from daily quests. Currently boosts: Room of Consciousness daily quest, Mora daily quests, Rock Ridge Daily Quests, Charleston Crisis and Geffen Magic Tournament.

VIP[edit | edit source]

Thinking about donating to the server?  Firstly, thank you!

We've added a VIP Player system to EssenceRO to help you get your fancy on.

We have two types of VIP you can donate for :

  1. 30 Day VIP - Limits you to 30 days full of VIP status
  2. Unlimited VIP - You're a VIP forever and ever!

What does it do?

Extra Commands[edit | edit source]

On top of the abundance of commands you have already as a regular player, we offer a bunch of new, fun commands to make your life a little easier on EssenceRO.

@hstyle - change your hairstyle at your leisure

@hcolor - change your hair color

@ccolor - change your clothing color

@homtalk - make your homun talk

@pettalk - make your pet talk!

@shopjump - Jump to the shop you're looking for, instead of having to find it by walking (lazy factor)

@me - Make your character talk in asterisks

@aura - Change your aura between 64 different effects!

@pettalk - Make your pet talk

@homtalk - Make your homunculus talk

@font - Change your font in-game

@storeit - Store all of your inventory items in an instant

@hatch - Bye-bye incubators!  Hatch your pets on the fly!

@storage2 - An additional storage for more item hoarding!

@storage3 - And another one!

Extra Bonus[edit | edit source]

Making your lives a little easier as a VIP is our goal.

  • More Character slots = 25 Total!
  • + 50% Base Exp / Job EXP boost
  • + 50% Extra Additional EXP when using Battle Manuals
  • No gem stones are needed for skills that would regularly require gemstones ; Only 1 gem stone is required to have in order to use the Scholar skill, Abra * Does not work in PVP, MvP, BG or WoE *
  • Free buffs from the "Buffaho" NPC!
  • With VIP status you are able to bypass the zeny charge when creating costume items.  If you own the headgear and are looking to convert it into a costume, you can do it for free!  Any item that you're looking to purchase via ItemID still require 10 Credits.
  • 200 Additional storage spaces (up to 800!)