Costume Trunk

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Behold! A trunk filled to the brim with every headgear you could ever imagine!

The Costume Trunk is an NPC located in Old Payon Marketplace (@market) that allows you to:

  • Convert a normal headgear to its costume form for 1,000,000 zeny (free for VIP!)
  • Purchase a costume headgear of your choosing for 1 Costume Ticket by entering it's ID number.

There are some limitations, however. Certain headgears are excluded from being purchased via the Costume Trunk, such as Donation Shop items or quest headgears. To see a non-exhaustive list of available headgears, please refer to the Headgear ID category on this wiki. New headgears are always being added in-game! You can always use the Essence Kafra to preview headgears before making your decision.