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Custom Porings[edit | edit source]

Monster Info[edit | edit source]

ID Sprite Name Size Race Element Location Level HP Base EXP Job EXP Drops
3948 Cowring.gif Cowring Small Beast Neutral 1 novicefield (@go15)


3 65 2,250 1,725 Milk,

Animal Skin,

Cowring Hat[1]

3935 Foxring.gif Foxring Small Beast Fire 2 novicefield (@go 15) 5 65 4,050 3,000 Level 3 Fire Bolt,


Red Herb,

Autumn Leaves

3915 Heartring.gif Heartring Small Beast Wind 2 N/A

Event Mob

15 3,376 162,750 112,500 White Chocolate,

Hand-made Chocolate,

Chocolate Tart,


Chocolate Strawberry,

Heart Ring[1]

3932 Whispering.gif Whispering Small Formless Ghost 1 niflheim


55 6,520 744,750 679,200 Fabric,


Bells of Harem[1],

Loki's Whispers,


Whispering Card

3931 Teddyring.gif Teddyring Large Beast Earth 3 mosk_fild02


67 8,343 889,275 784,800 Honey,

Honey Pot,

Great Nature,

Royal Jelly,

Rough Elunium,

Teddyring Card

3952 Aquaring.gif Aquaring Small Plant Water 1 iz_dun04


67 17,320 894,750 904,200 Mystic Frozen,

Crystal Blue,

Ring of Water,

Sharp Scale,


Aquaring Hat[1],

Aquaring Card

3927 Sapling.gif Sapling Small Plant Earth 1 yggdrasil01



85 13,760 1,800,000 1,500,000 Huge Leaf,

Four Leaf Clover,

Sharp Leaf,

Dead Branch,

Green Live,

Leaf Tiara[1],

Sappling Hat[1]

Morning Dew of Yggdrasil,

Sappling Card

3928 Skeling.gif Skeling Small Demon Dark 3 gef_dun03


91 30,640 2,475,000 1,680,000 Rotten Bandage,

Horrendous Mouth,

Cursed Ruby,

Poring Box,

Bloodied Shackle Ball,

Skeling Card

3917 Icering.gif Icering Small Formless Water 4 ice_dun02 115 19,760 1,950,000 1,680,000 Ice Cubic,

Ice Stone,

Level 5 Frost Diver,

Icering Card

3949 Demonring.gif Demonring Medium Demon Dark 2 gl_chyard 150 29,232 3,225,000 2,250,000 Little Evil Wing,

Little Evil Horn,

Rotten Meat,

Demonring Card

3920 Pandaporing.gif Pandaring Small Beast Wind 2 ama_fild01 152 33,760 3,525,000 2,550,000 Piece of Bamboo,

Straw Basket,

Strong Branch,

Lotus Flower,

Lotus Leaf,

Panda Ears[1],

Pandaring Card

Card Info[edit | edit source]

Name Card Effect
Equip on
Cowring Adds a small chance of gaining Milk and Sweet Milk. Headgear
Foxring N/A
Whispering Increases Flee by 15 and if Vit is higher than 99, increases Max HP by 5% Garment
Teddyring Inflict 2% more damage with Earth Spike and Heaven's Drive.

[Teddyring + Pitman Set] Inflict an additional 5% more damage for a total of 7% instead.

Aquaring Adds a small chance of casting Level 2 Waterball when hit. Armor
Demonring Increase damage on Angel monsters by 20%. Weapon
Icering Add 25% resistance against Freeze.

2.5% chance to Freeze target when hit with physical attack.

Pandaring Reduce casting time of Lightning Bolt and Wind Blade by 20%.

Inflict 25% more damage with Lightning Bolt and Wind Blade by 25%.

Sapling Grants 15% resistance to Earth and increases Def by (Refine rate/2). Garment
Skeling Enables the use of Level 1 Health Conversion.

Drains 1k HP and 100 SP every 5 seconds while equipped. Drains 50% HP and SP when unequipped.

Werewolf Increase damage on Formless/Undead race and Ghost/Poison property by 40%. Armor
Dragon Lord Cannot be Frozen.

Increase damage on Water property by 40%

Cthulhu Gain immunity to the Stone Curse status. Headgear

Custom Bosses[edit | edit source]

ID Sprite Name Size Race Element Location Level HP Base EXP Job EXP Drops
1022 Werewolf Large Beast Dark 3 nif_fild02 164 10,000,000 320,625,000 200,390,625 Inception Box,

MVP Tier 2 Token,

Black Tea Kochakaden Hat,


Werewolf Card

3946 Wakizashi.gif Wakizashi Medium Demi-Human Neutral 2 ama_fild01 125 9,467,320 42,187,500 47,250,000 Inception Box
3951 Dragon Lord Large Dragon Wind 2 gef_fild06 150 15,000,000 462,375,000 288,984,375 Inception Box,

MVP Tier 3 Token,

Gilded Cuirass[1],

Gilded Boots,

Dragon Lord Card

3953 Lucifer Medium Demon Dark 4 166
3921 Cthulhu Large Beast Neutral 4 iz_dun04 98 20,000,000 573,750,000 358,593,750 Inception Box,

MVP Tier 4 Token,

Water Spirit Armor[1],

Enhanced Shackles,

Cthulhu Card

World Bosses[edit | edit source]

See World Bosses