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Chiara Family location on the map.

In Lasagna Town (@go 36), on the upper left part of the map, there are 4 NPCs (Goma, Yota, Dandi and Jogi [/navi lasagna 136/248] ) known as the Chiara Family. They are all siblings, and they don't see their parents for a long time now: their father departed years ago to search for the world's biggest tuna, whereas their forager mother once went to a forest to grab "a special fruit" and never returned - nobody knows why or how.

Thus, to maintain the family, the 4 kids negotiate Doram Equipments for Doram Tokens, which then are used to buy the Charms the family members craft themselves. These Charms are pretty powerful Acessories and almost all Doram endgame builds need at least one of them to be effective. Some boost Support/Tanking power, other boost damage from skills in the Magical branch, and other boost damage from skills in the Physical Ranged branch.

Here's what each NPC does:



Dandi is the youngest of the 3 daughters and also the youngest sibling. She cries profusely whenever someone insinuates her parents aren't coming back, but tries not to think about it.

She gives you Tokens for Doram Armor pieces you hand in to her, with the ammount varying of quantity and rank of said armor.

(Ironically, she can also take the each one of the crafted Talismans back, but it's given to the player far less than what it takes to craft said talisman.)

Item Tokens Given
Doram Elegant Suit [1] 4 each armor
Doram Elegant Manteau [1] 4 each garment
Doram Elegant Shoes [1] 4 each footwear
Superior Tuna Talisman [1] 4 each talisman
Superior Leaf Talisman [1] 4 each talisman
Superior Bunny Talisman [1] 4 each talisman
Doram Luxury Suit [1] 3 each armor
Doram Luxury Manteau [1] 3 each garment
Doram Luxury Shoes [1] 3 each footwear
Intermediate Tuna Talisman [1] 3 each talisman
Intermediate Leaf Talisman [1] 3 each talisman
Intermediate Bunny Talisman [1] 3 each talisman
Fresh Grass Necklace [1] 2 each necklace
Cute Grass Necklace [1] 2 each necklace
Charm Grass Necklace [1] 2 each necklace
Lesser Tuna Talisman [1] 2 each talisman
Lesser Leaf Talisman [1] 2 each talisman
Lesser Bunny Talisman [1] 2 each talisman
Shining Eggplant Talisman [1] 2 each talisman
Fresh Tuna Talisman [1] 2 each talisman
Chubby Earthworm Talisman [1] 2 each talisman


Jogi is the only son of the family, and the second youngest of all siblings. He has a very keen idea with being a soldier, and thus ends up being careless in attempts of showing bravery (like wandering on the forest alone). You "surrender" Doram Weapons with him.

Just like Dandi, the ammount of Tokens he gives depends on ammount and rank of the weapons you give to him.

Item Tokens Given
Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff [1] 4 each weapon
Elaborated Yellow Foxtail Staff [1] 4 each weapon
Magic Foxtail Staff [2] 3 each weapon
Elaborate Foxtail Replica [2] 3 each weapon
Wondrous Foxtail Staff [2] 2 each weapon
Fine Foxtail Replica [2] 2 each weapon


Yota is the second oldest daughter. She usually appears to be angry, but in fact she's only trying to appear strong for her siblings. Yota worries a lot about her family and wishes she could do more for them, becoming sad whenever her parents are mentioned.

She's the one that actually trades the Tokens for Talismans, but only the most basic versions of them.

Item Token Cost
Lesser Tuna Talisman [1] 10 each
Lesser Leaf Talisman [1] 10 each
Lesser Bunny Talisman [1] 10 each
Shining Eggplant Talisman [1] 30 each
Fresh Tuna Talisman [1] 30 each
Chubby Earthworm Talisman [1] 30 each


Goma is the oldest daughter, and also the oldest of all siblings. Given the family's parents are missing, it's now up to her to take care of the family and keep them cheerful every day - although getting more and more tired and worried. She holds a big sense of protection towards each one, although fearing she may not be able to.

She's the one responsible for upgrading the Lesser Talismans to their better versions, Intermediate and Superior Talismans. Each upgrade has a cost that depends on which level you're upgrading to: going from Lesser to Intermediate it costs 30 Tokens; whereas upgrading from Intermediate to Superior costs another 90 Tokens.

Goma, the oldest among the siblings
Base First Upgrade Cost Second Stage Second Upgrade Cost Final Stage
Lesser Tuna Talisman [1] 30 Tokens Intermediate Tuna Talisman [1] 90 Tokens Superior Tuna Talisman [1]
Lesser Leaf Talisman [1] 30 Tokens Intermediate Leaf Talisman [1] 90 Tokens Superior Leaf Talisman [1]
Lesser Bunny Talisman [1] 30 Tokens Intermediate Bunny Talisman [1] 90 Tokens Superior Bunny Talisman [1]