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Instructor Ur - Instructor Boya - Secretary Lime Evenor - Gramps

The Eden Group is an ostensibly 'secret' organization which offers players a variety of quests in return for experience and exclusive equipment. Taking part in the Eden Group quests, while optional, is extremely beneficial. Early on, the quests help you explore the world, get access to much-needed equipment, and level up much more quickly; at higher levels, the repeatable experience quests allow far quicker leveling. Eden Group items are great for starting players who desire inexpensive and functional gear, as opposed to far more expensive equipment; however, it should be noted that Eden Group's gear quickly becomes less useful as zeny, Elunium and Oridecon become more accessible. Furthermore, for those unfamiliar with the world map, the quests can give you a sense of direction, as they force you to explore many different regions.

To access the Eden Group Headquarters, simply speak to an Eden Teleport Officer (they are white-haired Novice-esque females wearing green). They can be found near most Kafra and 1st class job change NPCs. Exiting the Eden Group afterward will normally return you to a location near the Eden Teleport Officer you spoke to.

Note : On some servers, whenever you exit from Eden headquarters you will be warped to Prontera. Therefore, the Eden Teleporter can be used to warp to Prontera easily if you're in a far city like Juno, Rachel, Al De Baran, Amatsu, etc.

Join the Group

  1. Talk to Instructor Boya (moc_para01 25, 35) behind the center of the counter in the Eden Group Headquarters.
  2. Talk to Secretary Lime Evenor (moc_para01 27, 35) to register and select Join the Eden Group. She will give you the following item:
  3. Talk to Instructor Boya again when you reached base level 12 to start the Eden Group Equipments Quests.

Equipment Quests

The equipment quests provide players from level 12 to 70 with new armor and weapons. Completing these quests at the earliest level is highly recommended, as they tend to be relatively simple, and the rewards are substantial. First-time or low level players usually lack the money for proper equipment, and these quests provide gear which rivals, or even surpasses, the standard equipment at the requisite level. For example, a standard Cross Bow costs 17,000z for a low level Archer, but the first weapon they would give an Archer at a similar level, Eden Bow I, is free and has a much higher Attack. Additionally, Eden Group items have no weight; however, they cannot be placed in storage, cannot be refined, and cannot hold cards, meaning that they will eventually be outclassed by more mundane fare.

The first equipment quest provides players with a hat, manteau, uniform, and boots. The second quest provides a 'stage two' set of armor, and gives the player his or her first Eden Group weapon; the third quest provides a yet stronger armor set, and the second Eden Group weapon. Furthermore, after completing the third quest, one can upgrade their Eden Group hat with +2 to a single statistic.

Leveling Quests

Eden Group's mission boards located in Eden Group Headquarters, provide a fast and easy way to get EXP while playing.

Weekly Turn-In Events

The Weekly Turn-In events are generally the best way to level characters level 70 and up, although one may choose to grind higher elsewhere first, or also grind in regular maps when the turn in quest is in cooldown. Each week, a hunting quest (also called a "Turn-In") is rotated. The Gramps NPC in the Eden Group HQ is offering the quest. They require the player to kill 400 monsters. The monsters involved will give their normal EXP. The player must be within a certain level range to obtain the quest, but he can get the reward at any level.

Crystal Synthesis

The crystal synthesis quests provide players with enhanced gears, synthesized with energy crystals. They also provide three hours buffs which also reward crystals. Talk to Reno in Eden Group Headquarters 2F to start with the quests.

Grandma Boxter

Grandma Boxter on Eden 2nd floor provides recycling of Safe Certificate and items gained from various Overseas Care Packages.

VIP Turn-Ins

Special VIP-only quests are available from the Eden Group Chef NPC in the Eden Group HQ's Kitchen.

Merry Badger

Merry Badger will deal in Eden Merit Badges.

Dungeon Teleporter

The Dungeon Teleporter will teleport you to select dungeons for some zeny