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Kafra Services

These can be found in every town, and some dungeon areas. The standard duo is the Essence Kafra and the Essence Warper.

Essence Kafra

Kafra Essence Kafra
Locations: All towns, some dungeon/field areas
Services: Player Storage, Guild Storage, Refine Services, Card Removal, Zeny Conversion, Repair Services, @command Management, Save Respawn

Player Storage

The standard user storage. The storage is shared across all characters on your account. Storage is separated into different categories for better organization and easier access. There's useable items, cash items(currently unused), weapons, armor, ammunition, cards, and miscellaneous items.

There is also a search box you can use to locate a specific item. Type in the item name or part of the item name and it'll bring up all matching items into your storage box. The item search is case sensitive however.

Storage limit is 1000 unique items.

Player storage can be accessed at any time through the command @storage.

Guild Storage

Storage that is shared across all members of the same Guild. A password can be set to prevent other guild members from accessing it, though the guild leader can always access it without a password. This storage cannot currently be accessed through an @command like player storage.

Size limit is 1000 unique items, same as player storage.

Refine Services

Refine Equipment

Kafra can refine equipment just like the upgrade NPC found in Prontera, Payon, and Morroc.

Buy Ores

You can buy Ores: Phracon @ 200z each and Emveretarcon @ 1000z each.

Purify Ores

Refines Oridecon and Elunium at 5 rough to 1 pure (same as standard npc). Will do all ores in your inventory at once.


Card Removal

The base cost of Card Removal is 500,000 zeny. Each card to be removed incurs a cost of 150,000 each. Also, the refine level of the compounded item can incur an additional cost:

  • Armors: 1000x per level
  • Lv1 Weapons: 1000z per level
  • Lv2 Weapons: 2000z per level
  • Lv3 Weapons: 3000z per level
  • Lv4 Weapons: 5000z per level


Zeny Conversion

Bag of Gold Coins Convert your zeny into storageable items! Converts in 1 million zeny increments.

Repair Services

You can repair broken equipment with this option. It will check automatically if you have any. You can repair individual equipment for 5,000 zeny or repair all your broken equipment at once for 5,000 zeny for each item.

Commands Management

You can set certain @commands to automatically turn on as soon as you log in. They will only activate on one specific character and may have to be set individually for each character on an account.

  • @autoloot
  • @away
  • @noask
  • @exit main
  • @join alliance
  • @join support
  • @exit trade
  • @exit recruit
  • @showexp
  • @showdelay
  • @showzeny
  • @uptime
  • @nomelee
  • @nopick
  • @noks
  • @lockitems

Autoloot commands

@autoloot %

( Shows you your autoloot list, up to 10 items. )
@alootid +itemname or id 
( Add an item to your autoloot list )
@alootid -itemname or id 
( Remove an item from your autoloot list )
@alootid reset 
( Resets your autoloot list )

[ You can get Item IDs by @ii itemname  or is a good place to find them by typing into search ]

Player Commands

Displays Server Exp and Drop Rates
@party partyname 
Creates party can also use /organize partyname
Refreshes your client (Can be used to refresh after commands or if you have mobs stuck on screen or a visual bug)
@iteminfo ItemID or Name 
Can also use @ii itemid or name
Go command can use town numbers or names. ( If you type @go and nothing else it will display a list of the town numbers. )
Use to mount or dismount your current mount.
Opens your storage. ( VIP members after purchasing bonus storage from the Kafra NPC can use @storage2 @storage3 to access your VIP Storage. )
Makes you open for PvP ( You can be killer or kill other players who have used @killable. )


Saves your respawn point. This can either be done to the map's default save point, or to whichever spot you're standing on.