Guide to Centralia

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Welcome to Centralia!

Centralia is home to EssenceRO, our community hub if you will.  The map below goes into detail about the main NPC's and areas that we've added to the game to assist with quality of life mechanics and to help guide you on your journey through EssenceRO.  Please make note of the numbers as they correlate directly with some key NPC's in the town. 


  1. Warp In Point
  2. The Hat Guild
  3. Quest Shoppe
  4. The Refinery
  5. NPC Shops
  6. Enchanting Quarter
  7. Donation Redemption / Cash Point Exchange
  8. Eden Warper
  9. VIP Ticket Enchanter
  10. Stylist
  11. Guild Dungeon Warper
  12. Warper & Party Warper
  13. EssenceRO Kafra
  14. Zeny Donation Floating Rates
  15. Job Master
  16. Reset Girl
  17. Beeder (PecoPeco & Cart Rental)