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What is LGP?[edit | edit source]

Light graphics Plugin is an in client version of RCX. It maps most skills to a color palette which can be displayed whilst effects are off. This gives players the advantage of being able to see skills such as Land protector without having their effects on.

What it looks like:

Editing colors[edit | edit source]

Inside your EssenceRO folder is a file called 'plugin.ini' this contains all the skills and associated cell colors. To edit the file open it in notepad.

The colors are based off the hexadecimal equivalents and can be found here: http://www.color-hex.com/

Below is the default color for Storm gust:

; WZ_STORMGUST#Storm_Gust Skill0010=0xFF2FB0F0

If I wanted to change it to say white then I would find the hexadecimal equivalent (which in this case is FFFFFF) and replace the last 6 characters:

; WZ_STORMGUST#Storm_Gust Skill0010=0xFFFFFFFF

Save the file and reload EssenceRo and it should now be the white: