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Kiwi EssenceRO

Welcome to the EssenceRO Wiki

EssenceRO has been a pioneer for innovation since 2008.  Lovingly dubbed "HatRO", we're known for
our insane amount of headgears quests & customs.  As of recently, EssenceRO has walked into uncharted
territory and was named the first private server to launch the highly anticipated 4th Job Classes. 

We implore you to join us on our journey! It's going to be a blast! 

Current News
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EssenceRO Server Information · Leveling Guide · 4th Job Class Guide· The Hat Guild · eRo Cash Shop · Channel System · Player Commands · Resetting · Rules · FAQ · Minigames · Stylist · Guide to Centralia · VIP System
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Classes · Cast Delay · Spotlights · Champion Monsters · EXP Tables · Memos · Refinement System · PVP Arenas · Battlegrounds
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Playing On Mac · Troubleshooting
Quests & Instances
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Quest · Bounty Boards · Instances
Guide Compendium
Daily Instance GuideNew Player Experience - Zeny Farming 101 (WIP)