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EssenceRO MiniGames

What are MiniGames?

Minigames are small automated events that take place every hour in EssenceRO.  They take about 5-10 minutes to complete, and reward the player with eRO Minigame Tokens.

The OG Minigames


Pojo is an insane chicken that lives in Centralia minding his own business.  He doesn't like to be touched, so be careful when you're walking -- He may kill you.  If Pojo is feeling espeically nice, he will bless you with a prize. 

Extreme Pojo

Once an hour, Extreme Pojo will take place in Payon.  In this game, Pojo will give random prizes out to players.  Prizes include headgears & minigame tokens.  The goal here is to touch Pojo as much as possible to squeeze out a prize.  He will announce who the winner is!


Every hour in Prontera the Disguise event will take place.  This minigame is to test your knowledge of Ragnarok Online Monsters and disguise itself as one for you to identify.  In order to win, be the first one to type in public chat the name of the monster.  Each right answer will be awarded 1x Minigame Token


Once every hour the Dice event will start.  When prompted, type @dice to enter the event.  This event is sheer luck, for the roll of a dice will determine your winning/losing. 

When you enter the Dice arena, click on the number (1-4) you think the dice will display.  Once you pick your number you will be teleported to the number's square.  The NPC will roll a dice, and the winners will be rewarded minigame tokens and the losers will be warped out. 

Survival Arena * Coming Soon *

Getting Started

Survival Arena opens every 6 hours, starting at 04:00 Server Time. Once Survival Arena opens, players must talk to the Survival Arena NPC available in certain towns. If they choose "Sure, take me there!" they will be warped into the Minigame Arena Waiting Room. From here they can decide, which mode they want to enter. Each mode is determined by the level of the player, as well as having a different maximum amount of players inside the arena and the number of eRO Minigame Tokens for rewards. The difference of each mode can be found below:

Before Survival Arena opens, a server-wide announcement will appear informing players that Survival Arena will open in 5 or 10 minutes. Players would often prepare items, stats and/or skills for Survival Arena during these times. Once Survival Arena opens, players would then also race to get inside. If the arena reaches the maximum amount of players inside, the NPCs will not allow any more players to go in unless a player inside leaves using the Emergency Exit NPC. If Survival Arena fails and everyone died, players can refund half of the entrance fee they paid at the Minigame NPC by choosing the option "Refund Zeny"

Another Minigame, starting at the same times and accessable on the same way as the different modes of Survival Arena, is "Race to the Finish". Participants have 15 minutes to cross the finish line. But Race to the Finish is not just simply running to a finish line. They have to make their way through labyrinths and several tasks that need enough cleverness to finish. Depending on how fast they can make it through the tasks, they will get 5-20 Minigame Token as a reward.

Crossing the finish line after 5 minutes - 20 Minigame Tokens

Crossing the finish line after 10 minutes - 10 Minigame Tokens

Crossing the finish line after 15 minutes - 5 Minigame Tokens

Mode Entrance Fee (Zeny) Required Levels Maximum Number of Players Number of Tokens
Easy Mode 50,000 100-150 15 5
Hard Mode 100,000 151-200 20 10
Extreme Mode 500,000 201-250 20 20
Time Attack 250,000 201-250 30 10
Race to the Finish 250,000 100-250 5-20

The Save

The most common tactic in Survival Arena is to keep a monster alive for each round designated as the "Save" Monster. If you are not used to the Survival Arena, and you hear people screaming STOP or SAVE! or if you see a chat window open with the words "Save" on it. Stop attacking right away.. you may be killing the Save monster and byt the same action.. dooming everyone to losing the Arena.

The Lure

If you are caught in the middle of a mob at the begining of a new round and you risk dying, do not run for the other people.. because the monsters following you will attack them aswell.. the best course of action is to fight the best you can and let yourself die. Somebody will ressurect you a few minutes later.

Inside the Arena

Upon choosing a mode of their liking, players will be warped into a new map. Each mode has a different map. The players are then given 5 more minutes to prepare before the actual game begins. This time allows latecomers to enter the map if the arena has not reached the maximum number of players for the game.

Players may also choose to leave the arena at any time through the Emergency Exit NPC. The NPC will then reduce the number of players inside arena, allowing other players to enter the arena, so long as the actual game has not yet begun. Players who leave using the Emergency Exit NPC may still enter the arena. However, they will have to pay again to get inside.


Global Announcements

Condition Announcement
10 minutes before opening Survival Arena will open in 10 minutes.
5 minutes before opening Survival Arena will open in 5 minutes.
1 minute before opening Survival Arena will open in 1 minute.
Opening time Survival Arena is now open. It will be sealed in 5 minutes.
2 minutes before starting Survival Arena will be sealed in 2 minutes.
1 minute before starting Survival Arena will be sealed in 1 minute.
Starting time Survival Arena has begun.
Easy Mode wins Survival Arena: Easy Mode has been defeated.
Hard Mode wins Survival Arena: Hard Mode has been defeated.
Extreme Mode wins Survival Arena: Extreme Mode has been defeated.
Time Attack Mode wins Survival Arena: Time Attack has been defeated.

Map-wide Announcements

Mode Condition Announcement
Easy/Hard/Extreme 25 monsters left Survival Arena: 25 monsters left in the arena.
Easy/Hard/Extreme 5 monsters left Survival Arena: 5 monsters left in the arena.
Easy/Hard/Extreme A lord has been killed Survival Arena: # Lords of the Arena remain.
Easy/Hard/Extreme All rounds defeated Survival Arena _____ Mode has been defeated. Go to the centre of the arena to claim your prize.
Time Attack An MVP has been killed _______ has been defeated. Activate checkpoint.
Time Attack A checkpoint is activated Checkpoint __ has been activated
Time Attack All MVPs defeated All monsters defeated. Return to the centre to claim your prize.

The Minigame Token Shop

Located in the Hat Guild, the Minigame Shop (lun_in01 61,64) has exclusive prizes just for you.