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This guide is written to help player go from 0 to a 200. While an existing page are present for levelling guide , I'm sure some of us still ask the same question on the exact steps on doing so. This guide is for new player to boost their level as fast/painless as possible and written in a 1 2 3 steps to make reading easy. - Written by: Laohuang

Assumption: you play solo, you have no guild support and no equipment support.

reason why RK and GX are recommended as its rather easy for those class to be first character in account to farm most instances

Non Rebirth 1-99 - No Equipment aside from cottonshirt / knife / basic bow / basic gun

Step 1 - Your first job. Farmer. You can choose another job but the job listed below require very low entry point for mag_dun03 in which you will level from 150-220 ish. 

Choose Rune Knight (easy), Guillotine Cross (easy), Ranger (intermediate-hard), Gunslinger (easy-intermediate), Genetic (hard, because consumables involved), shadow stalker with hell plant (why tho?)

Step 2 - do type @autoloot 5 for now and go talk to the npc to get freebies, afterward punch poring/drops until you are job level 10 novice

Step 3 - once you change job into the above options go back to the novice land by talking with npc warper in @go 0. choose special area > novice land

Step 4 - punch drops/poring/poporing until you are lv30 ish.

Step 5 - make sure you got some AOE if you class allow it, go to warper and ask npc to move you to anthell01

Step 6 - Punch eggs and ants until 60. Having AOE means you can get it done within 5 minutes. 

Step 7 - go to orc dungeon 01 - punch until 80ish.

Optional: Good point to gear up a bit here to help, grab something thats not knife for your 2nd job and prolly snag a few basic armor from npc vendor @go 0 left side


Optional:  if you are feeling diligent go to eden via warper special area and register in eden, by talking to secretary evelyn behind the desk.  talk to instructor boya after registration. She will ask you go to /navi iz_dun04 43/46 make sure you use warper to the floor directly. Finish the quest and talk to boya again afterward

Step 8 - If you are range unit go to ve_fild02 and kill the plants. If you are melee unit get some potions and go to rockrdg1, kill some coyote and bandit there, its going to be a little painful but nothing a potion can't tank for you.  (Ps. if you need money go to bra_dun02 or brasilis dun 02 and kill some mermaids for witherless rose) 

Step 9 - assuming you are now 99, go rebirth.


Rebirth 1-99 - Basic Equipment

Step 1 - Do the above again, except expect it to be slower since you will require slightly bit more experience, nothing too drastic of course.

Step 2 - Once you reach level 99, consider swapping for crimson equipment of your class, just make it +4 at this point


3rd job 99 - 150 - Lifesteal equipment

Step 1 - Good, now you are a 3rd job. I suggest grabbing hunter fly card and do the rideword hat quest from hat guild @go 0 right side. or skip this for now, you will need it around lv 130, but you have time to just use potion for now. 

Step 2 - For RK go windcutter, for GX go rolling cutter, for ranger go arrow storm for now, Rebellion will be Round trip, genetic go grab hell plant and cart cannon

Reminder genetic need plant bottle for casting hell plant, go farm in ve_fild02 or something for it, @autoloot 100 for less hassle. 

Step 3 -  Go level till around 125ish in rockrdg1

Step 4 - once you reach 125, buy potions and go to airship instances. you don't need to kill the boss but make sure you kill the mobs that drop airship set. they are not rare, don't pull too many mobs.

Optional:  go do Ghost palace dungeon if you don't have hunter fly card, it will take 2 runs to get 1 weapon from it. so 2 days. just make it a +4. Make sure you pick up gray shard from all the mobs in ghost palace, and kill all of the mobs. This will give you Thanatos weapon which is a lifesteal gear.

Step 5 -  level up till around level 150, mag_dun02 is nice, but I also go to abyss_03 sometimes around level 130ish as long as you got lifesteal equipment.


3rd job 150-200 - +4 equipment + life steal

At this point your equipment should roughly be +4 aside from airship equipment. Also i recommend peuz set for RK as it boost their WC damage greatly.

Step 1 - make sure you have your class consumable if your class have it EDP for GX, Lux Anima Rune for RK, plant bottle for Gene and bloodsucker plant. Ranger can use unlimit and Gunslinger will need to play kiting with round trip.

Step 2 - go to mag_dun03 

Step 3 - don't pull to many, make sure RK/GX use their parry/Weapon blocking. Gene make sure you use hell plant + bloodsucker on yourself. Ranger use wolf to gather a mob, dismount and kill them slowly, same thing with gunslinger

Step 4 - Level until 200 here


This steps is usually the place where people goes "i'm not strong enough yet here", here is what you do if you don't feel strong enough.

1. complete your card with basic card for your class 

2. Use consumables

3. do kamikaze style levelling on mag_dun03, as long as you can kill a few you can just warp back. Alt + M and attach @go 0 to your alt + 1 for quick teleport to centralia

4. you pull too many stuffs. except if you are kiting. 

5. if you are ranger / gunslinger, use anodyne so you don't get stunlocked if you messed up. 

6. Buy some diabolus manteau/valkyrie shield (at time of writing market cost is 50m zeny ea) and trade it on eden npc near blue door inside eden main office where you got tp'd, you'll get guaranteed +7 refinement scroll which can help you. 

7. add more lifesteal by adding hunter fly to your thanatos weapon and use rideword hat. Monster in mag_dun03 hurts but due to density and AOE attack your lifesteal should be able to cover it as long as you don't get stun locked.