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Hi! Welcome to the server. EssenceRO is a pre-renewal server with lots of Customs, a friendly userbase, and a lot love put into making it a fun experience for both new and returning Ragnarok Online players!

Basic Server Info[edit | edit source]

  • Rates: x75/x75/x50 (including MVP drops and cards)
  • Maximum Level: 170/90 (130 Job Level for Super Novices)
  • Maximum Base Stat: 150
  • Maximum ASPD: 193
  • Instant Cast: 190 DEX
  • Status Immunity: 147 VIT for Stun/Silence/Poison/Bleed, 147 INT for Sleep/Confusion/Blind
  • Old Payon (@go 0) is the main town
  • Saturday at 10 AM Server Time (EST) is WoE
  • Sunday at 10 AM Server Time (EST) is Draft WoE - a draft version of normal WoE. Players must show up 30 minutes prior to the start to be drafted into teams.

Common NPCs[edit | edit source]

These are useful NPCs are found in most every town.ou can find in most towns!

Sprite Description
Essence Kafra

Storage, Guild Storage, Refine Equipment,

Buy Ores, Purify Ores, Card Removal, Zeny Conversion,

Minigame Token Shop, Repair Service, Settings,

Headgear Preview, Save Spawn, and VIP Storage


Allows you to search for warps by category or to type a map name.


Will cast Blessing, Increase Agi, Imposito Manus,

Kyrie Elision, and Magnificat for 6,000 Zeny (Free for VIP)

Heal Doge.png
Heal Doge

This good boy will restore your HP, SP, and remove negative status effects.

Party Warper.png
Party Warper

Will allow you to warp to a party member on specific maps (non-MVP maps, typically)

Market NPCs[edit | edit source]

Many custom NPCs can be found in the market area, accessible by using @go market

Please see map for reference of locations within the market.

A map of @market
  • Resetta Stone will reset stats or skills for 50,000 zeny, or both for 90,000
  • Feeling Reset will reset Star Gladiator Hatred and Feeling skills.
  • Rental Services will rent a falcon, peco peco, or cart to those who need them.
  • Guild Storage will allow you to access guild storage.
  • Job Master will allow you to change jobs.
  • Stylist will allow you to change your hairstyle, hair color, and clothing color.
  • Dress Maker will allow you to switch to a previous job, third job, or jro-alternate 3rd job Sprite for one Costume Ticket.
  • Skill Point Remover will allow you to remove excess skill points, for example if you overlevel an archer and don’t have skills to spend the skill points on.
  • Platinum Skill NPC will allow you to unlock platinum skills.
  • Headgear Colorist will allow you to recolor certain headgears.
  • Battlefield Supplies, Stat Food, and Tool Merchant will sell you various skill items, stat up foods, or tools.
  • Card Removal will allow you to remove cards from items. The cost is 200,000 Zeny + 25,000 Zeny per card, plus a yellow gemstone and star crumb. This can fail, but a failure will simply consume the zeny and materials without breaking your equipment or card.
  • Donation Rewards will allow you to purchase items with eRO Donation Credits.
  • Hat Exchange sells rare headgears for Hat Tokens, as well as Costume Headgears for Costume Tickets and VIP Costume Tickets.
  • Donor Rewards Redeemer will allow you to redeem items purchased from the donation item store.
  • Costume Trunk will allow you to turn any equipped headgear into a costume for a fee (Free if you’re a VIP donor) or create a costume with a Costume Ticket.
  • Pokemon Breeder will allow you to purchase a Pokemon Mount with Mount Certificates.
  • MVP Token Shop will allow you to spend MVP Tokens (gained from killing naturally spawned MVPs) for items that drop from MVPs.
  • The Physical Weapon, Ninja, Magic and Instrument, Armor, Chemist and Smith, Ammo, Pet Supply, and Wedding Merchants sell what you’d expect them to sell.

@Commands[edit | edit source]

There’s a whole list of @commands to check out, but here are some of the common ones

  • @autoloot <number> - autoloots items that drop from mobs at or below X percentage
  • @alootid +<item name or ID> - adds item to autoloot list
  • @alootid -<item name or ID> - removes item Z from autoloot list
  • @storage/@s - opens storage
  • @gstorage - opens guild storage
  • @go - warps the player to a specific town, type @go for list
  • @return - warps player back to their save point
  • @autpot <hp/sp> <item id> <minimum percentage of hp/sp> <delay (min 300)> - set the autopot script to automatically use the item specified by itemid when hp or sp drops below the set value with that delay in miliseconds.
  • @mi <mob name or ID> - gives info on that specific mob
  • @whereis <mob name or ID> - tells what maps a mob spawns on and how many do so
  • @ii <item name or ID> - gives info on that specific item
  • @whodrops <item name or ID> - tells what mobs drop a specific item
  • @lgp - turns on LGP, a visual indicator for AoE skills when /effect is turned off