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This is a list of commands players can use in-game for their convenience.

Custom Player Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Description
@joinbg Our fully customized Battlegrounds system lets you join one of our rotating Battlegrounds games on the go!
@LGP This is a helpful too to show you your max range, set the parameters to whatever you'd like! To see the full guide, click here!
@aoes An added feature of @LGP. This toggles whether or not you can see AOE skills.
@ecall Who has time to open their guild menu and find "Emergency Recall" in the midst of battle? EssenceRO makes it as simple as typing a hotkey-able @ command!
@nomelee Turn of Melee Attacks. This is an amazingly useful tool for casters. By turning off Melee attacks, you no longer have to worry about clicking on the map and begin walking towards

your target after a misclick!

@autopot Set it and forget it. As long as potions are in your inventory, you'll be sustained for life! (until you run out of pots to keep you alive!)
@whosell Search for an item in-game that other players may be selling.
@shopJump Found a shop that's carrying the item you need? Shop jump to them instead of having to sift through an array of open shops.
@storeit If you are a VIP Member, you may store all of your inventory items with one simple command.
@aura If you are a VIP Member, you may use this command to change your aura! (Over 100 to choose from!). These auras can be disabled by using /effect.

Official Commands[edit | edit source]

/tip : Opens "Tip of the Day" window

/h or /help: Shows this Command Help List

/w or /who: Shows the number of current players connected.

/music: Turns BGM On/Off

/sound: Turns Sound Effects On/Off

/effect: Effects On/Off

/where: Shows your current location

/skip : Turns Frame Skip On/Off

/v (0~127): Controls the volume of the Sound Effects

/bv (0~127): Controls the volume of the BGM

/ex (Character Name): Blocks whispering from the Character

/ex (Character Name): Blocks whispering from the Character

/ex: View a list of Characters you have Blocked

/in (Character Name): Allows whispering from the Character

/inall: Allows whispers from anyone

/exall: Blocks whispers from everyone

/organize [PartyName] To organize a party. /leave to withdraw from a party.

/sit: Sit command. If you are sitting, you will stand instead.

/stand: Stand command. If you are standing, you will sit instead.

/chat: Creates a Chat Room

/q: Leaves a Chat Room

/organize [PartyName] To organize a party.

/leave to withdraw from a party.

/expel [Character Name] kicks a Character out of your party

F12 Brings up a Hotkey Window which allows you to drag and drop Recovery Items, Equipment and

Skills into it for faster access.

If Party Leader right click on a character a menu appears to request a player to join the


[Alt] + [End]: Turns HP/SP Bar On/Off

[Alt] + [Home]: Turns Ground Cursor On/Off

[Insert]: Makes you sit or stand.

[Alt] + [=]: Fix the interval error between letters.

[F10]: To toggle Chat Window size; [Alt] + [F10]: Toggle Chat Window On/Off

How to Whisper: Enter a Character's Name on the left side of chat window and type your message

on the right side. The Tab key helps you move between these boxes.


/X,/hp,/go,/sob,/gg,/kis,/kis2,/pif,/ok: Emotion icons corresponding to Alt + (1~9) Ctrl +


How to Speak to Party: Add % in front of every message. (example: \"%hi\")

How to Take Screen Shots: Press [Print Screen] or [Scroll Lock].

/memo: To memorize a place as Warp Point (If you have Warp Portal skill)

/snap: Turns snap On/Off for fights, /skillsnap: Turns snap On/Off for skills. /itemsnap:

Turns snap On/Off for items on the grounds.#

/savechat: Save a Chat Log

/camera: Camera Zooming On/Off. /miss: Toggle ''Miss'' display On/Off

How to Open Whispering List: Press [Alt] + [H].

/fog: Fog effect. On/Off

/notalkmsg2: Hides chat messages(including guild chat). On/Off

/bingbing: Rotates player counter clockwise. ^^;;

/bangbang: Rotates player clockwise. ^^;;

/aura: Simplify Aura effect On/Off

/aura2 : Turn Aura completly On Off

/showname: Change the name font type.

/q3 : /quickspell (/q1) + /quickspell2 (/q2)

/set1 : /nc + /showname + /sf + /wi, /set2 : + /q3

/doridori: Shake head ^^;;

/quickspell: Right-click menu enables you to use skills assigned to the F9 hotkey. On/Off

/quickspell2: By rolling the mouse wheel up and down, you are able to use skills registered on

F7 and F8 hotkeys. On/Off

/emotion: views the emoticon list.

/hi or /hi message: Send greetings to people who are online and registered on your Friend


/notrade: Declines trade offers automatically. On/Off

/hunting: You can check the your hunting list.

/alchemist: Shows top 10 Alchemists in the server.

/blacksmith: Shows top 10 Blacksmiths in the server.

/window: Display windows will snap/dock together. On/Off

/skillfail: Display red font message when skill fails. On/Off

/notalkmsg: Chat will not be displayed in chat window. On/Off

/noshift: You may use your "force heal" ability without the Shift key. On/Off

/noctrl | /nc: Auto attack without pressing ctrl key. On/Off

/loginout: Shows guildsmen and friends online status. On/Off

/shopping: Enables you to open a shop with a single left-click and close your shop with a

single right-click. On/Off

ALT+Y: Opens a window which allows you to use various commands with ease.

/tingonly: You can hear only sound like a chat room entry.

/monsterhp: Toggles monster HP information when attacking. On/Off

Hunting and Equipment quests are available through the Eden Group. Find them via the '+' mark

on the mini-map of each city.

-------------- Navigation Instructions --------------

/navigation    /navi  :  /navi yuno 100/100           ->> Map, location(100/100)

/navigation2  /navi2 :  /navi2 yuno 100/100 1/1/1 ->> Map, location(100/100),

Scroll/Service/Plane (1:Enable 0: Disable)

-------------- Navigation Search Commands -------

$$all         : Outputs all the results (Type of navigation can be specified).

$$lv30       : Monsters of that level are displayed (Amount may vary).

$$lv20~30  : Monster of that level range are displayed (Amount may vary).

/ȯº¹ : Disable event clothing such as weddings and Santa outfits

/zoom: Zoom Out can be turned On Off