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It's pluu

Hi, there..! It's me pluu, i was known as Eternity/ Reey in other server.

Back to the old days, My first time playing ragnarok where around 2008 when i was introduced about Ragnarok Offline (jAthena-eAthena based) and while Online it's the official server called idRO. As for you to know, idRO apply a subscription system which allow player to play in a nice server which have no limitation, and guess, i was in a free server. since i was young, and i don't have a job to get my own money.

Around 2010 i tried to know more about ragnarok learn some nice private server out there, been moved to one to another server since mostly private server unwelcomed they're been forced to shutdown.

2018 i tried to learn about the source of private server and lead me to learn about rAthena coding style. I had my own ragnarok offline server as for now, and up to date database.


Please say Hi!

Whenever you meet me, just talk to me. I'm a nice guys, not an asshole out there, it's just a bit timid.


It's my Dragon Knight char...