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The main questable upper headgears at EssenceRO are Valkyrie Helms. These are available in six different colors. Rather than specific stats corresponding to specific helms, the helms work on a flexible system: players first choose the attributes they wish to add to their Valkyrie Helm and then select the color they wish to have.

Statistics & Effects

The following options are available when creating a Valkyrie Helm. Unwanted Valkyrie Helms may be traded in to the Valkyrie Helm Recycler in Old Payon for 5 Valkyrie Fragments.

ATK +5%, 3% autocast Lex Aeterna when attacking
Maximum HP +20%, DEF +5
DEX +3, -10% damage from Demihuman monsters
+10% damage against MVPs, -10% damage from MVPs
MDEF +15, chance to autocast Level 1 Anti-Magic on self when hit
ASPD +10%, Movement Speed +15%
ASPD +2, Movement Speed +15%
MDEF Piercing
15% MDEF piercing, INT +3


The following colors are available:







Valkyrie Fragments

Locate Lenneth somewhere in Yuno. She will explain the process of creating a Valkyrie Helm and list the attributes and colors that may be added. To make you a Valkyrie Helm, she will ask for 10 Valkyrie Fragments which may be obtained in a variety of different ways.


Currently, there are 4 quests to obtain Valkyrie Fragments. Not all of these require items - some are item quests and some are NPC story-oriented (Note: Story-oriented quests may only be completed once per character).

  • Scientist Quest
    • Location: Inside Yuno
    • Recommended Level: 60+
  • Chimera Hunter Quest
    • Location: Glastheim entrance area
    • Recommended Level: 100+
  • Grandmother Quest
    • Location: Payon (not Old Payon)
    • Required Level: 100+
  • Flower Trader Quest
    • Location: Alberta, outdoors (Rose Ring NPC)
    • Recommended Level: 80+
  • Freya's Crown
    • A Valkyrie Fragment is awarded near the end of the quest

Minigames and Events

  • Minigame Tokens: 10 Minigame Tokens may be traded in for a Valkyrie Fragment at any Essence Kafra. Minigame Tokens can be obtained through multipe types of Minigames
  • Event Tokens: 1 Event Token may be traded in for 2 Valkyrie Fragments. (Note: Event Tokens are expensive and it would be smarter to vend away the Tokens in exchange for zeny and purchase Valkyrie Fragments from other venders).


Venders selling Valkyrie Fragments can be found using @shopsearch/@ss Valkyrie Fragment or the Vender Search function on the Control Panel.