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Story[edit | edit source]

After 1000 years of cautious relations, Rune-Midgarts Kingdom and Republic of Schwartzvald signed a mighty friendship treaty. Noticing the weakening of the castles, the monster armies marched and taken control of the castles in all major towns causing a real threat to the Kingdom. "The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor." -King Tristan III

With these words the kingdom entered a new era of war...The War of Emperium.

Understanding WoE[edit | edit source]

The War of Emperium is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild. War of Emperium (WoE in short) is an important feature of Ragnarok Online. Basically it's nothing more than a guild vs. guild mode where you work with your guild to break the Emperium of an other guild. This Emperium can be found in the deepest room in the castle. Of course it's the job of the defending guild to try and stop any attackers from destroying the Emperium. Once you or someone else in your guild broke the Emperium of the enemy the castle will belong to your guild. Be aware that in order to join WoE, your guild will need the Approval skill obtainable by leveling up your guild and investing points in the appropriate skill. Owning a castle gives your guild several benefits. First off, there is a special Guild Dungeon accessible to everyone in the guild. These dungeons have several strong monsters and in some cases have monsters that do not spawn in the normal world. Secondly, every night, 4 or more (depending on the economy of the castle) treasure boxes will appear in the castle giving useful items and equipments.

Castle Locations[edit | edit source]

5 castles are available in each realm:

  • North of Prontera lies the Valkyrie realm
  • West of Payon lies the Balder realm
  • One west and one south of Geffen lies the Britoniah realm
  • West of Al De Baran lies the Luina realm

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of WoE, characters from guilds other than the castle owner will be teleported out.

An important part of EssenceRO's WoE is that guilds can hold a lot of members, however only 24 members can WoE at a time! To ensure this, only members with the WoE Squad guild title (to be customized if needed) can enter castles.

The character to deal the last hit against the Emperium claims the castle. All characters with a different guild, allied or not, will be warped out at that point. Only normal attacks can damage the emperium, as all active skills miss (except Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field). After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter and attempt to break the emperium. The last owner before the emperium disappears at the end of the WoE period holds it until the next period.

Guild mates are considered allies in castles and can not attack each other. Members cannot be expelled, and alliances cannot be broken, by members inside a castle. The Alliance System, however, has been disabled for WoE in EssenceRO.

The owning guild of a castle has several advantages. **Guardians** are summoned upon the request of the castle owner's guild leader. They will automatically attack all non-allied characters. Guild members can also click on Flags outside of the castle to be instantly teleported to a specific location inside the castle.

Disabled Skills[edit | edit source]

The follow skills cannot be cast within castles:

  • Assumptio
  • Basilica
  • Cultivate Plant
  • Endure effect (still gives to you MDEF bonus) <- Only the endure effect is disabled.
  • Hocus-pocus
  • Ice Wall
  • Moonlight Water Mill
  • Intimidate
  • Teleport
  • Warp Portal

Skills cast outside the castle will not disappear upon entering. Using items that activate the skill will also fail, but Autocast equipment can grant the skills in a castle.

Battle Mechanic Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • Long range normal attacks are reduced by 25%.
  • All skill-based damage except Pressure and Gravitational Field is reduced by 50%.
  • Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knock back effects are disabled. Some skills like Cicada Skin Shed may lose some functionality due to this.
  • Equipment preventing skills to be canceled during casting (phen card and similar items) do not function.

Other Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Damage numbers do not appear.
  • /mineffect is automatically activated.
  • A character's guild emblem is shown above their head.
  • Death does not cause experience loss.
  • Use of Elemental Scrolls, Cursed Water and other Weapon-Element changing usables are disabled. They can however, be used outside the castle, before entering and will last a whole of Three minutes, before exhausting itself.

Custom Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Guilds are capped at 20 players per Guild
  • Alliances are disabled when War of Emperium is enabled

Skill Changes / Alterations[edit | edit source]

  • High-Jump is Disabled
  • Soul Linkers may use offensive skills on players
  • Snap / Body Relocate is Enabled
  • Backslide is Enabled
  • Shadow Jump is Enabled

Item Changes / Alterations[edit | edit source]

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Each realm has a Guild Dungeon area which can be accessed via NPCs hidden in each castle. These dungeons are also considered PvP environments, but death will still cause experience loss like normal dungeons. All castles within a single realm share the same dungeon, causing players of opposing guilds the opportunity to meet.

Every day at 12:00 AM at server time, the Treasure Boxes spawn in a room accessible only by the guild leader from a NPC in each castle. Items drop from these boxes, and drop rate-improving items may assist in obtaining rares. Steal does not function here.

Castle Management[edit | edit source]

A butler NPC is provided in each castle for the guild leader to manage the castle. The following functions may be influenced by what Guild Skills are available.

Invest in Commerce Development Invest to increase the castle's economy. Every 5 points on investment adds one new treasure box to the castle's master room. The type of treasure box alternates between the two available at that castle.
Invest in Defense Increase your castle's defense by investing in it. Each point of defense investment will improve the Guardian HP and Emperium HP by 1000, and also improve the defense and attack power of the guardians by an unknown amount.
Hire Guardians Hire a guardian to ease the task of guarding your guild's castle. The guild must have the Guardian Research Skill in order to do this.

WoE Types[edit | edit source]

The regular WoE is a bit different on EssenceRO. Being a server where MVP Cards are widely available, WoE can get difficult for newer players. That's why apart from regular WoE we also provide a Vanilla WoE. Vanilla WoE has several restrictions, the most important ones being that there are no MVP Cards, Lord Kaho's Horns, Super Quest Items and other strong customs allowed. The same restriction goes for certain healing items such as Condensed White Potions, Meat and Grape Juice. For a full list of restrictions, see Vanilla War of Emperium.

Of course there is also non-restricted WoE available for those who prefer the fast paced action that EssenceRO offers.

For both regular WoE cases, the duration is 1 hour instead of 2 hours to ensure more action. In the future this may change again and more castles may open if the population allows it.

Classification[edit | edit source]

Non-Trans War of Emperium ( AKA: 2nd Class WoE)

Vanilla War of Emperium

Unrestricted War of Emperium ( All classes can participate )

WoE Times and Locations[edit | edit source]

The timezone is set to GMT-5. To convert the times to your own timezone, please use [this converter].

Official Times & Castles are coming soon!

Saturday: 10:00 - 11:00
Castle Name Type Time
Unrestricted, WoE:FE 10:00 - 11:00
Wednesday, 15:45-19:15 GMT+1
Castle Name Type Time
DRAFT Unrestricted, WoE:SE Draft Phase: 09:30

Draft WoE: 10:00 - 11:00

Rewards[edit | edit source]

We believe that not just the guild castle owners should be rewarded. For a full list and features of our rewards, please visit this page.