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Essence Warper

Warper Essence Warper
Locations: All towns, some dungeon/field areas
Warp Services: "Search", Dungeons, Fields, Towns


Ways to Get Around

  • Warper Icon.pngWarper –› Search Warp
    • This option allows you to type in a map name to directly warp to that map. It must be the exact map name such as pay_fild01, pay_dun00, etc. This option works for any map available through the warp services. If you have already warped to a map with this option.
  • Warper Icon.pngWarper –› Dungeons
    • You can select a specific dungeon map to warp to here. A list of dungeons will be given and selecting one will then give a list of each level of that dungeon. Below is the list of dungeons you can warp to.
      • Abbey, Cursed Monastery
      • Abyss Lakes
      • Amatsu Dungeon
      • Anthell
      • Beach Dungeon
      • Ayothaya Dungeon
      • Brasilis Dungeon
      • Byalan Dungeon
      • Clock Tower
      • Coal Mines
      • Culvert
      • Einbroch Dungeon
      • Endless Tower
      • Gefenia
      • Geffen Dungeon
      • Glast Heim
      • Gonryun Dungeon
      • Hidden Temple
      • Ice Dungeon
      • Juperos Dungeon
      • Kiel Dungeon
      • Lighthalzen Dungeon
      • Louyang Dungeon
      • Magma Dungeon
      • Moscovia Dungeon
      • Orc Dungeon
      • Payon Dungeon
      • Pyramids
      • Rachel Sanctuary
      • Sphinx
      • Sunken Ship
      • Thanatos Tower
      • Thor Volcano
      • Toy Factory
      • Turtle Dungeon
      • Umbala Dungeon
  • Warper Icon.pngWarper –› Fields
    • You can select a specific field map to warp to here. A list of towns will be given and selecting one will then give a list of each field map. Below is the list of fields you can warp to.
      • Amatsu Fields
      • Ayothaya Fields
      • Brasilis Fields
      • Comodo Fields
      • Einbroch Fields
      • Geffen Fields
      • Gonryun Fields
      • Hugel Fields
      • Lighthalzen Fields
      • Louyang Fields
      • Lutie Fields
      • Manuk Fields
      • Mjolnir Fields
      • Moscovia Fields
      • Morroc Fields
      • Niflheim Fields
      • Odin Temple
      • Payon Fields
      • Prontera Fields
      • Rachel Fields
      • Splendide Fields
      • Umbala Fields
      • Veins Fields
      • Yuno Fields
  • Warper Icon.pngWarper –› Towns
    • You can select a specific town to warp to here. A list of towns will be given and selecting one will then warp you to that town's spawn point. This can also be done with the @go command. Below is the list of towns you can warp to.
      • Old Payon (Main Town)
      • Prontera (Secondary Town)
      • Alberta
      • Aldebaran
      • Amatsu
      • Ayothaya
      • Brasilis
      • Comodo
      • Einbech
      • Einbroch
      • Geffen
      • Gonryun
      • Hugel
      • Izlude
      • Jawaii
      • Lighthalzen
      • Louyang
      • Lutie
      • Manuk
      • Midgarts Base Camp
      • Morroc
      • Moscovia
      • Nameless Island
      • Niflheim
      • Payon
      • Prontera
      • Rachel
      • Splendide
      • Thor Camp
      • Veins
      • Yuno
      • Umbala

Party Warper

PartyWarper Party Warper
Locations: All towns
Services: Warp to a member of your party!
  • The Party Warper allows you to warp directly to the position of a party member at no cost.
  • Only the members in your party that are online will be displayed in the warper's list.
  • A few maps are blocked from the party warper's service to prevent abuse. MVP/PvP maps are blacklisted as well as maps like the PvP/GvG rooms and other special quest maps.