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Beginner Guide.

Introduction EssenceRO

Right after character creation you will set foot in Novice Land. Talk to Lady of the Gardens  to get your freebies /navi novicefild 102/49. After completing job level 10, you will be able to change your jobs in Main Town. You can acess main town by using @go 0. Job master located on /navi ilyo_kwan 150/131.

Leveling step

Leveling Guide
Class Base Level Monster Map Name Navigation Notes
Novice Class 1-30
  • Poring
  • Drops
  • Poporing
  • Marin
novicefield warper → special areas → novice land
  • Poporing and Marin are stronger than normal
  • AOE skill recomended
1st - 2nd Class 30-50
  • Zombie
  • Familiar
  • Skeleton Soldier
  • Poporing
pay_dun00 warper → dungeon → payon cave 1f
  • Holy element weapon/ammo or Aspersio buff recomended
  • Ant Egg
  • Familiar
  • Andre
  • Piere
  • Deniro
  • Vitata
anthell01 warper → dungeon → anthell 1
  • Focus on ant egg
  • AOE skill recomended
2nd Class 50-85
  • Orc Zombie
  • Orc Skeleton
  • Familiar
  • Drainiliar
  • Steel Chonchon
anthell01 warper → dungeon → orc dungeon 1
  • Holy element weapon/ammo or Aspersio buff recomended
  • Muscipular
  • Drosera
  • Galion
  • Roween
ve_fild04 warper → field → veins field 4
  • Fire element weapon/ammo or converter recomended
  • Stapo
  • Muscipular
  • Drosera
ve_fild07 warper → field→ veins vield 7
  • Fire element weapon/ammo or converter recomended
  • Buffalo Bandit Duelist
  • Buffalo Bandit Sharpsho
  • Coyote
rockrdg1 warper → search warp→ rockrdg1
  • Buffalo Bandit Duelist doesn't give much EXP, better ignore them
Non/ Trans/ Expanded Class 100-135
  • Earth Deleter
  • Sky Deleter
  • Nightmare Terror
  • Gig
  • Blazer
  • Diabolic
mag_dun02 warper → dungeon→ magma dungeon 2
  • Water elemen weapon/ammo or converter recomended
  • Rigid Explosion
  • Rigid Earth Deleter
  • Rigid Sky Deleter
  • Rigid Kaho
  • Rigid Lava Golem
  • Rigid Blazzer
  • Rigid Nightmare Terror
mag_dun03 warper → dungeon→ magma dungeon 3
  • Holy elemen weapon/ammo or Aspersio buff recomended
  • +7 Crimson weapon with 2 hunterfly card is the best pair.
  • Airship set recomended for this parts since they give you fast movement speed and more HP/SP %
  • Magma 3 mob drop "Lava Set"
4th Class 200-230

Edda Biolab "Combat Mode"

/navi yuno 213/342 @go 9
  • Semi end gear game needed here
  • Party leeching works well


Gear progress

Base Level Recomendation
  • Anything, even knife/bow from NPC
  • Start farming crimson weapon with holy/fire/water element
  • Start farming your hunterfly card
  • Try upgrade your weapon minimum to +5 or +7
  • If you need more atk and didn't worry about HP leeching, you can start farming weapon from Ghost Palace Instance which has HP/SP leeching capabilities even with magic skills
  • Try to get over +8 crimson weapon, +10 is the recomendation, +15 and over are the best part of crimson weapon which gives you more dmg
  • Start at lv 200, you can farm a better gear which is can be obtain from player vending, instance or quest.


Extra Notes

Check guides on irowiki for class gear to work to
Ask on the discord / #main / #support if theres something specific to your class
Clases that excel at Early third job: Ranger, Rune Knight, Warlock , Rebel , Oboro**(only up to 140)
Keep in mind some classes excel in early third job while others on later third job(for leveling)
Classes that excel in latter third job: genetist, shadow chaser(hell plant reproduce),Rune Knight, Rebel



Make a Merchant Asap to sell etc loot to npc for zeny
Check @commands for extra commands
Remember to pick your freebies + novice things by talking to the npc with freebies message over his head.-
Dont make the mistake of not rebirthing just to speed up the process , its going to make you lack hp damage , and skills to be realiable
Remember that we got command @go and ingame macros can be used by setting "@go 0" on alt+m
Take advantage of item drop cards like mimic card or equipment/sets