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EssenceRO at a Glance Frequently Asked Questions
EssenceRO is a free-to-play, high-intensity, completely customized Ragnarok online experience. With upgrades to War of Emperium, Battlegrounds, PvP and GVG there's never a dull moment on EssenceRO. We take the boring grind out of Ragnarok Online with our unique server features that you won't find anywhere else. Register your account today and join in on the fun!

EssenceRO is a passion project of a veteran Ragnarok Online player who never really fell out of love with the game. We hope you enjoy the server as much as we enjoy putting it together for you!
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Getting StartedPlayer Commands • Welcome Rewards • Currency GuideStaffEvent Calendar

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Unique Pet System • Achievements • Enhanced Support Classes • Skill ReworkingPerfect Dodge Enhancements • Palette Colors • Alternative Outfits (Costumes) • Headgear RecoloringAbracadabra GuideMVP Point System

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EssenceRO Kafra • Costume Trunk • Emperium Breaker Test & Ladder •

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Battlegrounds 3.0War of EmperiumWoE Rewards (Participation & Castle)Draft WoE • PVMVP • King of Emperium • Battlegrounds Marketplace

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