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Quest is part of eRO element which can't be separated from Ragnarok World. Some quest used for change class, craft headgear/gear, also some used for collecting zeny or EXP. Some quest consist with timeline of the Ragnarok Online story.

Here list of Eps quest can be found within the story timeline.

Story timeline

Eps NPC Quest Name Level Required Requirements Navigation Pre-Requisite Possible Rewards
Eps 13.2 Cat Paw Agent Onto The New World 99+ 50,000 z (moc_para 43, 19) -
Eps 14.3 Pilled Rags Fire Basin 140+
Monster Feed
(morroc 138, 230) Onto The New World

Acess to:

Eps 16.1 Royal Messenger Banquet of Heroes 100+
Banquet Invitation
(given after talk to NPC)
(prontera 161, 179) Onto The New World
Eps 16.2 Nyhill Terra Gloria 100+ - (prt_cas_q 29, 28) Banquest of Heroes
Eps 17.1

Nyhill Rebellion Crew

Illusion 110+ - (prt_cas_q 21, 39) or (einbech 215, 79) Terra Gloria
Eps 17.2 Rookie/Lucky Sage's Legacy 130+ - (sp_cor 255, 285) Illusion
Eps 18.0 Elly Direction of Prayer's 170+ (ba_in01 26, 266)

Sage's Legacy-Pest Eradication Quest

Rachel Sanctuary


  • Eps 18.0 not available yet in eRO.
  • Some New content & Instance unlocked by doing quest above, so make sure you finish it while leveling.

EssenceRO Daily Quest

EssenceRO daily quest are given everyday only once per day, so player could getting cash point without donating (still donate allow the server keep running). Talk to Sashanomiya at cetralia (ilyo_kwan 202, 12).


  • Current daily quest only given once per day (server time)
  • Available quest for item gathering