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Our mission is to create one of, if not THE best private Ragnarok Server out there. With the support of the community we can achieve anything. We collectively work together, suggesting and volunteering our time to create a community for our current, and any new players.

With the help of our community, we’ve launched the first private server with the highly anticipated 4th jobs! We’re slowly working together to bring the latest kRO Episode Content to life.

Opened March 27, 2021 as the first private Ragnarok Online server to introduce fourth jobs.

General Rules

  • Respect all members of our community, players and staff members.
  • Creating offensive names are prohibited.
  • Harassment towards any members is strictly prohibited.
  • Advertisement of other Ragnarok Online servers or games via Discord is prohibited.
  • If you want to propose a suggestion join our DiscordDiscord, visit the #🚨|suggestions channel and post a constructive suggestion with reasoning backing your suggestion. You can check list of Suggestion/Bugs we're working on Trello Backlog
  • Do not @mention for no reason. Refrain from @mentioning a GM for a useless cause is prohibited.
  • If you need to report a CRITICAL bug, please do it via PM to @✧ Kiwi ✧.
  • Check Channel Topics - Channel topics have crucial information about the channel you are in and sometimes save your skin before you do something erroneously.

By logging into EssenceRO, you're adhering to all Server Rules and are to be held accountable for any rules broken.