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General Errors

Gepard Loading Hangs

In order to resolve this issue, please run your EssenceRO-Setup.exe, apply changes & run your client again. This will fix your problem!. 

Failed To Connect

Before doing anything, make sure the server is not under maintenance. Just check eRO's website at the top of the screen, if all three servers are on (green color), then read further. It's probably about either the router's setting if you're behind one, or your operating system's Firewall. Make sure you put exceptions for Ragnarok Online to play past your firewall.

Gravity Error from items in inventory

Patch your client to resolve this issue.

You can also remove the item using the Item Specialist, if you know what the item is. The Item Specialist can be found in Old Payon.

Patch Problems

Failed to get Patch/list.txt on eRO Patcher

Make sure you aren't running a Firewall or Programs like Norton / BitDefender. (These are known to block the Patcher). Also try closing and reopening the Patcher and try again.

My Patcher won't let me play, the "Start" button won't show.

Be sure you don't have a client running in the background.  Check your processes by hitting ctrl alt & delete.  If an eRO.exe is currently running under your processes tab, be sure to exit and reopen the patcher. 

Misc Issues

Screenshots look weird

Solution 1:

  • Rightclick on eRO.exe
  • Properties
  • Compatibility
  • Mark Disable Visual Themes
  • Mark Disable Display scaling on high DPI

Do the same for EssenceRO Patcher.exe

Solution 2: Changing the resolution

Change the resolution of your RO to one that isn't widescreen. (640x480, 1024x768, 1280x1024)

Solution 3: Run in Full Screen

Try running your game in Full Screen mode.


Unregistered ID

  • Make sure you registered on the Control Panel EssenceRO. Registering on the forums does not give you an account for the game.
  • Check that you typed your username correctly. Note that usernames are case-sensitive (Logging in as "Bob" is not the same as "bob").

Cannot see all characters

If you were a player on older versions of eRO, there was a maximum character limit of 25, our client currently is restricted to 15.  If you have more characters on your account but are "hidden", please adjust the slot of your characters by logging into the Control Panel. -> Control Panel EssenceRO


If you have the bgm folder and you need .dll files, download this dll and put it into your game folder. EssenceRO_DLL.rar

These are usually those who has trouble hearing the bgm when they have the bgm folder.